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The effort you are making to collect details about your family history is huge. 
This is because of the scattered location of the facts. Archives hold the answers yet 
someone must be willing to extract them. So if you are working to document the history 
of your family, or your own pedigree, sharing the result will be appreciated eventually 
by someone.

There are many more people who are interested in what you find than will ever take the 
time to do the looking themselves. The busy live of anyone can get in the way of low 
priority activities like genealogical research. Well it is low to others, not to you 
and I.

So for personal reasons which only you can describe you have decided to collect details 
about your ancestors. But they aren't just your ancestors. They are ancestors of all 
your blood relatives. No wonder so many people are interested in what you find. Because 
what you find about yourself is also about them. Since everyone is interested in 
themselves, there you have the reason why your findings need to be shared. People 
want to know.

By publishing your results with copies from an office supply store or electronic means 
on the world wide web, you need to make your history available to any audience that 
shows interest. And then there is the future audience. This is the audience I am 
targeting. I want relatives in the future to think fondly of the effort I made to 
record their family history.

Publish A Family Website
At the Genhomepage, you can find a list of many family and personal genealogy pages. 
Hundreds of such family websites are created each month. Look them over to get ideas 
of what you may want to do. At the URL below, you will find directions to submit your 
website. There is also an index of surnames. You may want to research family names 
here to determine if others in your extended family have submitted their details to 
Genhome page.

With the LDS PAF you can generate webpages that are complete with links. All you need 
to do is send the PAF generated web pages to Genhomepage. You don't need to know html 
computer language to do this. Photographs, certificates, and other documents can also 
be scanned and sent to your Genhomepage. There is no charge for adding your information 
to this website. You may want to look into this wonderful aspect of the internet.

Find a list of Genealogy Home Pages at:

Feeling Reluctant To Publish?
There comes a time when you just have to try something rather than miss out on the 
good results that may happen. This is no exception. When you have gathered a respectful 
number of ancestors in your pedigree, say fifty, that is the time to get your 
information out to the world. Don't be reluctant. There are instructions on how to do 
everything needed to make your family home page a reality. Just do it.

One suggestion might be of use to you. I have gotten into the habit of making notes of 
what I have to do to load a site to a service like genhomepages. I write down every 
click so that when I want to redo the information, I will have a cheat sheet 
instruction sheet to help me through the process. Forget that you will probably loose 
the sheet and can not find it when you need it. Just kidding.

A spiral notebook seems to work best for this sort of instruction of procedure for a 
computer task. A loose piece of paper is forever getting sifted in and out with other 
pages. But the spiral binding seems to keep showing up from time to time. Yep. 
I figure notes to be the safest if they are in something like that. 
And don't tear out the pages. Leave them in regardless of order. You might find 
that to be the case as well. This will probably be the best dollar you ever spend 
on genealogy. Spiral notebooks rule.

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